Visit from an old friend.

Hey-er-roo my fruity friends, happy Saturday!

I am writing SO early in the morning!  Yep, that is right folks, I actually got up more than 10 minutes before I had to leave for work today!  It is so strange, I used to be able to get up and work out before my day started, no matter what time that was in the day.  For the last few months I have been such a lazy bum!  I have been doing my work outs at night, which is fine, I just used to love getting up and getting my blood flowing in the morning.  Perhaps I just need to get back into the habit, and all will be well again!  I like to work out in the morning, that way if My Love makes some plans in the eve I can go without worrying that I didn’t at least do something.  And plus, yoga is always better in the a.m anyways.

In the mornings, I am a dawg.

Today, I wanted to show you an old friend that is making its way back into my life!

I am like jelly inside


I got this little guy for fifty cents because he was soft.  It is not quite their season yet, so the regular price on them is still steep.  But come fall time, there will be deals beyond deals for them!

Persimmons are so tasty.  When they are ripe their skin is paper thin, and their insides are pure jelly.  Good luck not getting it all over your everything.

Sittin beside some friends

They are also kind of magical!  They are low in calories and fat, but bursting with fiber!  They also contain a compound called catechins, which are known anti-infectives, anti-inflamitory and anti-hemorrhagic.  They also have an important anti tumor compound called betulinic acid.  Cool right?  Along with all that, they are high in  vitamin A, C and many B vitamins too!

It is so yummy.  I had mine like this;

Lotsa stuff to munch!

Best 50 cents I ever spent!

What about you?  Any fall faves you are looking forward to seeing again?



4 thoughts on “Visit from an old friend.

  1. Persimmons? Never tried them. Do you just cut them open and spread on toast or something? I’ll need to check them out if they hit our stores. Always interested in trying something new.

    I love apple season – mainly the fresh apple cider we can get at a local apple orchard. It’s amazing but you can only get it for a couple weeks in September. Have to rush and stockpile the fridge when the time comes!

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