So you want to be a fruitbat… Part two

Hello again!

So, to catch you up, on our list of things to do if you want to become fruity, we have covered;

1)Setting your intention

2) Assessing your starting point

3) Deciding how you want to transition

Now, let us talk about what happens when you have made the change!  You have decided you want to eat high or only fruit!  Great!  Now what?

4) Shopping!  That’s right ladies and gents, I just gave you permission to go spend some cash!

This is Granville Island Market!!

The best approach is to get familiar with all the farmers markets, produce stands and good quality grocers in your area. Go out an explore!  Ask others where they like to shop.  I discovered my favorite place to get melons through a friend at work.

Other shopping tips;

-Look for a “shaddy” bin;

Would you trust these guys?!

Many places will put their slightly bruised or really ripe fruit on for CRAZY deals, like five mangoes for a dollar or what have you.

-Ask for case discounts.  Grocers generally will give 5-10% off if you get a whole case of something, which can really add up to some big savings.

Mangoes? I'll just take all of them. Thank you.

-Get to know your produce people.  Talk to them!  They will let you in on whats good, whats not so good, and sometimes they will even give you special deals, or things for free!

-Shop often.  I like to go a couple of times a week.  You never know when the sweetest deal will be waiting for you!

5) Getting enough.

Ok, this is going to be controversial.  There are a million opinions out there on whether or not to count calories.  Lots of fruity people believe in going with whatever you want, letting your natural body rhythms dictate when and how much to eat.  The 80-10-10’ers will tell you women need at least 2500 cals/day in fruit and men need 3000 cals/day, and allot more if you are active.  It has been said that Dr. Doug’s formula is your weight, times 10, then add 300 for daily activities and 900 for excercise and that is how much you should eat.  So what does one do?

I suggest downloading cronometer, which can be found here,  Then I say, make sure you are at LEAST getting the same amount of food in that you were getting before you started eating fruity.  This will at least give you a ball park of how much fruit you need to eat to maintain a certain level of energy for yourself.

Its a meal sized fruity meal.

From there, I say do what feel best!  If you want to eat more, eat more!  If you feel like its to much, back off a bit.

What I do really want to stress here is that fruitarianism is a lifestyle of abundance!!  Really, don’t stress so much about the calories.  I think it is good to monitor in the beginning, to make sure you are not starving.  It can be easy to under eat fruit because it has so much water.  You might feel like you ate a tonne, but when you log it, you will find out you massively under ate.  And this is dangerous in the long run.

So eat lots, don’t starve.  Yes?

6) Keep lots of the fruit you love to eat around.

Its five o'clock, do you know where your fruit is?

Try never to let yourself run to low.  Like I said, this lifestyle is about abundance.  Never let yourself feel like you don’t have enough to eat.  This can really contribute to falling off the wagon.  If you keep lots of fruit around, you are more likely to eat it!

7)Get active!

By standing on your head perhaps

The other component that I feel is one hundred percent necessary in this lifestyle is physical activity.  Our bodies were designed to move!  Find an activity of two that you enjoy, and do it every day.  This could be walking, running, tennis, basketball, dance, yoga, swimming, rock climbing, biking, surfing, spelunking, anything!  There are SO many activities out there, I know that everyone can find something that they like.  Don’t chain yourself to a treadmill if  you are a nature junky!  Don’t force yourself to work out alone, if you thrive off group energy.  Get out, breathe some clean air into those lungs, get the endorphins pumping, be grateful for the beauty of movement, and feel happy!

I love to creep and sneak.

8) SLEEP!  Last, but not least I want to quickly touch on sleep.  Our bodies NEED sleep.  It is not a luxury.  During rest your body repairs itself.  We all know the stress that living puts on our bodies and our minds.  We need sleep to recover.  To become better.  Do not skimp on your sleep.  I think a minimum of eight hours a night is a good place to start, but get more if you feel you need it.  Chances are if you feel like you could sleep, you most likely should sleep.

I am not saying you should become a sloth, but most of us are WAY under slept.  You may need to give yourself a few weeks or months of 12+ hours a night to catch up, but eventually you will find a place that works for you.  Just don’t skimp on the zzzz’s, mkay?

OK!!  I think that about sums up how to be fruity.
I love this lifestyle and I would not go back to eating any other way.  I have more energy and vitality now then I did when I was a teen ager.  I am more comfortable with food and in my own skin.  I have experienced so many wonderful changes, and I am still young at this!  But please, don’t take my word for it!  Try it yourself, you never know what fruit will do for you!


2 thoughts on “So you want to be a fruitbat… Part two

  1. Loving your energy and spunky paragraphs! Keep up the good work! I love reading about others’ ideas, struggles sometimes, and advice to keep it fresh in the mind. It’s easy to forget about those good points you made…sleep, shopping, etc. Water is a good one, I find it helps me greatly.

    • Thank you so much! I agree, it is really important to share ideas, especially when we struggle. That is when we need the most support, right? You are also right about the water, but I already did a post on drinking, and didn’t want to be to redundant (;

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