Sometimes Whole Foods Happens

Sometimes, this just happens;

Looking all innocent...

I just sucks you in;

Figgyfiggyfiggy fig.With its piles of seasonal fruits,

My back pack is a front pack...

and its heriloom produce.

The excitement can not be quelled

It gets you all pumped up with its prepared foods.

But nothing can compare to the salad bar!!

Many fruity options

My Baby Sister, my Lovely Love and I filled our bowls, payed WAY too much money, and sat to eat.

I also dinned with my other boyfriend;

Bootch and I, still goin strong

I had a thirteen dolla fruit plate.  Cost to much, tasted so good.


We ate.  We laughed.  We cried over the check.  It was amazing.

Whole Foods happens sometimes.

It sucks you in, and spits you out.

And you love it.

It's the promise land

G’nigh fruits.  See you tomorrow with a fruity how to post.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes Whole Foods Happens

  1. Yep, WF does happen far too often for me than it should, as I live a mere 10 blocks away from that freakin’ cash-sucker. Although lately, I must say, I’ve been getting less and less of a thrill from it: I’ll wander in with a growling belly, circle the salad bar, the deli, produce, the cheese section, all a few times over, then exit the store completely underwhelmed. Yes, the food and its presentation are pretty enough, but there’s no LOVE…ya know??? It feels empty, hollow, plastic…utterly fake. Not what it used ta be, that’s for sure.


    • Haha, I can TOTALLY feel where you are coming from. It is a big business! I still just enjoy the novelty of being able to go “out” to eat. They have fruit. But I agree with you. It is plastic. Soulless in a way. Farmers markets are far more where it is at, you know! It is no good that you live so close though… to much temptation. (;

  2. Totally. The temptation is quickly waning, though, especially after checking on the status of my bank account the other day – GULP!

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