So you wanna be a fruit bat…

Hey Friends!

I have been writing this post in my mind over the last couple of days, and I feel it is finally time to get it down on key board!! Many people have asked me how I got to be a fruit bat.  That is actually a really good question!  How does one go from eating regular to eating all fruit?  What are the processes involved?

This post was going to end up being a GIANT, so I have split it into two for your reading pleasure.

1) What are your intentions for going fruity?

Oranges don't get enough credit for being delicious.

I want to start here by saying if you are thinking of going fruity purely because you think it will help you lose weight, don’t.  If your only goal is to lose weight, the fruity lifestyle will just turn into another diet.  A diet that you will for sure lose interest in and quit.

I am not saying that there is not a good possibility for weight loss if that is what your body needs, but if this is your only reason you will not reap all the rewards of fruitarianism that you could if you had other reasons.  What other reasons?  Well you can read about mine in my Why I Eat Fruit tab.  I feel this diet is the best for my body, in so many ways.  Fruit is easy to digest, provides quick energy, is more sustainable for the planet than meat and dairy eating.  It is a quick exit food, so I know nothing is sitting around rotting in my intestines.  It has healed me of permanent stomach aches, skin problems, given me energy and so much more!  Weight loss was not my goal, I was focused on all the other health and lifestyle benefits I was getting from this way of eating.  THAT is what keeps me sticking to the program.  I love the convince and the ease of eating fruit.  I love the way it tastes.  I love the way it feels in my body.  My weight will be what it will be, but I know I am doing right by my body and the planet.

2) Asses where your eating habits are at!

Are you raw vegan? Vegan? Veggie? Meat eater?  Where you are starting from can have a huge effect on your fruity transition.


If you are already raw vegan, this process of change wont be a huge one.  Your digestive system will already be used to all the fiber and water that fruit provides, especially if you are not eating a lot of gourmet raw food.  If, on the other hand you are eating a more “Standard American Diet” this might be a huge change for you!

Am I saying you shouldn’t do this if you are not already raw.  HECK NO!!  I am just going to warn you, you may feel uncomfortable for the first few days or weeks.  Cooked food is dense food.  Lots of the water has been removed, and many of the chemical structures have been changed and denatured.  Your body has become accustomed to this type of food.  So when you change to the high water content, high fiber content and totally naturally structured nature of fruits, your body will need time to adjust.  Just give it time!  You may detox, you may feel worse at the beginning, but stick with it!  Your body will clear out anything it doesn’t need as you eat your fruit, and one day, you will wake up and feel healthier than you ever have.  I promise.  If this is you, reach out for support!  I am always here!

3) How to transition?

You know what this is, don't you?

Again, this is a totally personal thing.  I am an “all or nothing” kinda gal, so for me it was raw overnight, and then one day I decided to be fruity, and that was that.  This method will not work for everyone!  For transitioning, I recommend the following;

  • start with eating just fruit for breakfast.
  • then all fruit until lunch.
  • all fruit until dinner.
  • all fruit!

Grapes are shiny.

You can make whatever time line works for you.  You can do each step for a week or two, or even a month before moving onto the next step.

OTHERWISE, you can start to just add more fruit to your diet as it is.  Eat fruit with your breakfast.  Eat fruit for snacks.  Eat fruit for desserts. (You may want to do this a couple of hours after your dinner, especially if it is a cooked dinner, as the fruit may cause some…gas)

Then as you get comfortable adding in fruits, you can slowly start to eliminate other things from your diet.  Like meat, then dairy, then eggs, then processed foods, then heavy starchy foods and so on.

OK!  That is enough from me for today.  Stay tuned for part two tomorrow fruity cats!


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