Imma Juicy girl

Hey fruity friends!

Happy Saturday.  Have you eaten anything fruity and delicious?

I do not usually have Saturdays off, so today not having to go into work felt like a dream.  My love and I had a little sleep in, and then we hustled our bottoms to yoga.  We went to the Kits Beach studio to take a Vinyasa Power Flow class from Reno (aka, yoga Jedi).  The class was absolutely PACKED with people.  Our mats were almost all touching!  Class was amazing, and we did get into some weird stuff, as always seems to go down with Reno.  Near the end of class I was doing thread the needle in head stand.  If you don’t know what thread the needle is, fear not, you have a yoga post coming your way tomorrow!  It was awesome, we were sweaty and tired and blissed out by the end.

Then we came home and puttered around a bit.  The two bandits and I then went to Whole Paycheque Whole Foods.  I will show you those pics another time.  I love to walk around in there, everything is laid out so beautifully!  But I just do not have the bank to actually make a purchase there…  Sad, but the truth,

We ventured home, and I made my love dinner.  I made him vegan sloppy joes (as in lentils, rice, seasoning, and all the almost rotting produce in our fridge found their way into some boiling water) I served it with toast, and some of this!

Mmm, I know I look, erm, good...

It is a pesto of sorts, since pesto really just means paste.  I blended two bell peppers, 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes, one avocado, juice and zest of two lemons, a bunch of parsley, basil and mint. It was actually pretty good!  Tangy, fatty and slightly sweet.

When I say I am a juicy girl, I do not mean that I like to drink juice.  I really would rather eat my calories than drink them.  But I do love to hydrate!  I drink at least three litres of fluid every day, and not all of that is just plain water.

Every day, I have lemon aid.  I juice one lemon into water, add a bit if stevia and have atter.  I started doing this about four years ago, because I learned that lemons help to detox the liver and keep your body alkaline.  Also, I just love the taste!

Today I had green tea lemon aid.

Tea in a bowl. Height of class

I steeped two green tea bags in a pot of water, added some stevia and let it cool.  Then I juiced in my lemon.  So refreshing when it is hawt out!

Another love of mine;

I'm not soup

TEA!  I have been a tea fiend for a long while, especially when it has some goji’s floating on the surface!  I love peppermint, licorice and pretty much any fruity tea.  Herbals usually rank number one for me, but I have also been enjoying some roiboos since moving to Van-city.    I also love to make iced teas in the summer. SO.GOOD.

My very favorite thing to drink has to be Kombutcha though.

we're dating.

This is a fermented tea, that is good for cleansing the liver, stimulating digestion and increasing over all vitality.  It tastes kinda like vinegar on its own, so I like the kinds that have some fruit juice added.  The one in the picture is from G.T Daves, and it is the trilogy flavor.  It is kombutcha, raspberry, ginger and lemon juice.  My very fave!

Dinner tonight is shaping up to look something like this;

Check out those melons! I know it is only one, but it really isn't as funny that way.

I can’t get enough of those figs!  Their season is about five minutes, so I am milking it for all it is worth!

What do you like to drink?  And if you have any questions you would like me to answer in a post, please let me know!


3 thoughts on “Imma Juicy girl

  1. mmm! Synergy is the best! I always pick the one with the rainbow label because I know that I love it and I’m scared to trust any other flavors.. lol 🙂

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