When in doubt, market.

Hello my dear fruity friends!  I hope you had a really great Friday!

Mine was busy again!  I got up at nine, and spent some time with my Compy.  Comy is my laptop.  I am not particularly fond of Compy, despite its cute nick name.  It over heats and shuts down all the time.  But alas, I manage somehow.  I then debated if I should go to Granville Island market again today, in search of the allusive shaddy mangoes.

The feelings of  laziness were overridden by my need for mangoes.  So I went.  And I am SOOO glad I did!  I ended up getting five mangoes and two papayas for four monies!  Horra!

Look at us!!! Four Monies!!

Then I went to the other market.  I took a walk and read.  I am currently reading this book;

I can read and walk at the same time. I only some times fall down

I stopped at Choices grocery store to get some DGL.  Fun fact about the Bat time!  I was born with only two tubes in my umbilical cord instead of the expected three.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my intestines were not fully formed, because I have had super terrible digestion and stomach pain all my life.  Fruit has made it 98% better, but DGL also helps allot.  It increases the mucus membranes in your stomach.

DGL stands for Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract. I like DGL

Then I got some melons, lemons, goji berries and cinnamon sticks.  I also got a mango for free!

That little mango, was zero monies!After that, it was HAIR CUT TIME!

I wend here;

Vancouver Hair Academy!!

They are a hair school, so you get your hair cut by the students.  This way the hair cut is dirt cheep, but they just learned their stuff, so it is fresh in their minds.  They also have instructors around the whole time.  My stylist was called Vanya, and she was awesome!

My before;

No less than ten rats living inside...

And after!!

Look, I can be pretty!

It was nap time, snack time, then Bizzel Bucks time with y beautiful Baby Sister!

Green lemon-aid for her, Passion tea with goji's for the Bat

Dinner was Melon, mango, oranges, and strawberry guavas!  SO so so good.

I was craving those guavas sooooo badly

So to conclude, always go to the market, and get your hair cut by students.


4 thoughts on “When in doubt, market.

  1. Awww…you look adorable!

    I’m a stuggling Essene Fruitarian. I say stuggling because weekends are sometimes hard as my sweetie likes to go out to eat…and I like to go to! Today, for example, a little diner in Springfield…bisquits, gravy, bacon for him, and for me: let’s just say I remained vegetarian!

    Here’s my little blog that no one really knows about but I record my mishmash of a life and things I discover. I see you like durian and I have a yummy picture of my durian/raw cacao puddin: http://dsrawkitchen.blogspot.com/

    I need to post more fruity pictures and will do that soon.

    • I totally understand! It can be very challenging when your partner doesn’t eat the same way that you do. I really think that it is a transition thing, the longer you try at it, the more you will become what you want to become. Don’t give yourself a time limit! Just keep listening to your body, and eventually you just wont want any other things! That has been my experience anyways, and I took a while to transition! Just take the pressure off, and eat good food!

  2. Your haircut looks super cute! Looks like your fridge is just as packed with fruit as mine is. Can you believe I’ve never tried papaya before? I may need to once I clear out all the berries and peaches stockpiling my fridge now. Can’t even find my milk in there anymore!

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