Busy day!

I can do all those postures. And I have no ego

It was a crazy day today!  But in a good way.  It started with me getting up with the sun (errm, 8 am, but close enough) and running to the library, bank and the drug store to get some T.P.  SO fun, right?  Then it was yoga time.  I took a class with Reno, and he rocked my socks.  But that is nothing new.  Then I journeyed to the marche (Granville Island Market to normal people), and got oranges and strawberry guavas!

I only needed 50 oranges...

They did not have any shaddy mangoes, but I have hopes that they will later this week.

Then it was time to meet up with an old friend!  I brought her to our awesome apartment, which I will show you some day, and then it was back to Granville Island for tea.  And it was soooooo busy!

1 million people

We had tea and conversation and it was wonderful.  After I bid adue to my friend, it was yoga therapy time!  On my walk there, I spotted a sassy snail.  Look at this lady and tell me you can’t see the sass.

couldn't go faster if I wanted to. Which I don't

The courtyard of my yoga therapy studio is mystical and magical.

oooo, magic and mystic

Class was all restorative postures.  Restorative postures are 100 percent supported, so that you are not exerting any effort, and can stay in the for ten to fifteen minutes.  They are used to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, and restore lost vitality.  Needless to say, it was a sweeeeeet class.  My bus ride home was almost fully empty.  It was kinda creepy…

private shuttle

The last bit of my day was used to stuff my face.  I had a melon that was the best I have had in a while.  I find melons can really be hit or miss.  This one was a total hit.  Sweet, soft, melt in your mouth flavor.

melons and Mangoes and oranges, OH MY!

Ok friends, it is time to rest.  Imma get a hair cut tomorrow.  Vancouver Hairdressing Academy, prepare yourself for the rats nest of life.


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