I eat weird.

Obviously being a fruity bat catapults me into the strange eating category of life.

But what I am getting at here, is even in this, I eat weird.

I have some strange habits.  And I am not shy about it.

When I eat my fruit, I like to get it all cut and peeled and ready to go before I lay down to eat.  (Yeah, we don’t have chairs in our place.  I lay on the floor and eat)  I don’t just willy nilly put things on a place and have atter.

I save to peels, and I salvage any fruit meat from them that I can.  Like these mango peels

We still have lots of mango goodness!

I do this with my melon skins too.  I also eat the pith of oranges

We're pithy

I peel this skins off of my oranges and eat the separately from the juicy parts, and I peel off thin strips of cantaloupe and dip them in cinnamon as I eat them.  I also eat from root to bottom, from the outside to the inside.  It is sweetest at the bottom core!

Sliced and diced and ready to be eaten!!

And I ALWAYS save the best for last.  Which has meant these guys for the last few months;

We are last on account of being best.

Last but on least, I wanted to show you these super weird tomatoes.  They look super weird.

Sometimes organic makes you messed up.

They are so long, and irregularly shaped!

So now you.  Do you guys have any strange eating behaviours?



8 thoughts on “I eat weird.

  1. I like everything peeled / cut / ready-to-eat all at once too. I am weird about seeds though. Can’t eat ANY of the tiny grapefruit or orange seeds. I’ll hunt through my bowl collecting every teeny tiny one. Also can’t eat watermelon seeds – white or black. Eck. I love fruit though, so it’s worth the effort!!

  2. I usually can’t wait… once I start cutting fruit up, I have to eat it right then! I bring the cutting board and compost bowl with me to the table.
    For example: Whenever I set out to make OJ, I squeeze a few oranges, then drink it before the cup is ever full. I often get lazy about halfway through, stop juicing and just eat ’em in quarters.
    Fruit can’t wait!

  3. Lol, your blog is the wrong one to come to when I can’t eat fruit on this dang candida cleanse…it all looks so good!!!


  4. Since you didn’t post my positive reply last month (probably thought it took too much attention away from you) then I just want to let you know that raw apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda are great used in place of shampoo for greasy hair

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