The return of Sunshine

It has been a busy last couple of days!  Work was pretty crazy yesterday, and on Friday, I spent the whole day in the kitchen whipping up some treats for my love.  He had been away to our home town for a week.  It was not my favorite week.  But is all good now.

He has returned!

Boyfriend! Boyfriend!

I made him many many things.  I didn’t want to parade them all over the inter-web until he got home, because sometimes things need to be a surprise.

I made a three layer raw banana cake with walnut, cinnamon and coconut frosting;

Do you spy the bananas? no you don't they are in the cake

Three layers of raw cake goodness

I made little love lemon cookies with a lemon glaze.  Those cookies took about a million lemons zested.  Perhaps it was really 7 lemons, but it felt like I was micro planeing for half a year.

He just really loves lemon

I also made some fresh secret vegan recipe blueberry pancakes!  It is a secret, even to me.  I don’t measure anything.  I have a basic premise, and I know what the consistency of the batter should be.  So I mostly just mix things in until the batter looks right.

I made a strawberry coolies and a chocolate sauce to go with them too!

Awww, so very cute

I made an S for baby Sister

And last but not least.  CURLY FRIES!!  I sliced some potatoes on my Spirooli, covered them in coconut butter, salt, pepper, mexican mixed spices, cumin, coriander and sesame oil.  Then I blazed em dead in the oven.

We were blazed dead

Length impresses baby sister

Needless to say.  Baby sister and my love now have some serious food babies to deal with.

Off to see what other crazy things we are going to get up to!  I will take pictures!


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