Things I love

Happy Canada day fruity fans!

Today I wanted to show you some of the things I have been loving as of late.

First, I went to a new yoga studio;


It’s called One Yoga For The People, here in Vancouvers sketchy down town!  But the studio is not at all sketchy.

Its all classy and hard wood-y (TWSS)

Even the bathrooms are classy. They have a separate room for the toilet

It is a donation based studio, or you can get a pass.  I love this because almost all of the teachers have a cause they are involved with, and when you take class there, you are contributing!  It is yoga you can feel even better about.  All while getting a major butt kick.

In other news, the man I took class from last time I went to One, has agreed to be my mentor!  I will have more info on that as things un-fold.

Also, I love this;


Its and orange fleshed Honey dew!  It looks like cantaloupe, but tastes sugary and sweet.  Much more like honey dew.  Lets just say there is a possibility I was moaning in joy as I devoured it.

Look at us little guys!! We are sooooooo cute

These are called strawberry guavas.  They are amazing.  Remember the shaddy bins at the market I told you about?  That is where I got them!  I got a bag of twenty perfectly soft and ready to eat guavas for one dalla!  So. Freeking. Good.

If you don't want to eat this, I don't understand you.

Big plates of fruit.  I love getting my fuel from fruit.  It is important to eat LOTS in this fruity lifestyle.  No skimping.  Just eating till your full  to the brim and loving life.

I am off to visit both of the markets, and then come home to make some special treats for my love and my baby sister.  My love has been away, and I am going to surprise him with some raw treats!  Not fruity, but I will probs show you guys what I have made anyways.

Have an amazing Canada Day (or just a regs Friday)


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