Oh my Gawd, oh my gawd you guys

I have been obsessed for a couple of years.

I was actually turned on to this obsession by a man I really don’t think much of (David Wolfe), but on this, he was correct.

I love this fruit.

I dream about this fruit.

I can taste it if I think about it hard enough.

I will  take walks, trains and buses to get it.

It’s this;

That is really how many we need.



This big spiky fruit is from Thailand.  It is sweet and pungent.  It is high in sulfur compounds, which gives it a strong… stench.  BUT I PROMISE!!! Give it a chance, and the taste will win you over.  It is creamy, vanilla almond banana onion custard amazingness.

To eat like we eat, press around the spikes at the top of the fruit until you find the natural line if fissure.  Run you finger down it to open.  There will be five pods.

Pod of amazing

Once you have extracted all the goodness, you can scoop out some of the left over flesh from the shells.


Then you will have all your meat.

creamy meaty deliciousness

I then separate the skins;

I love the skins

From the flesh on the inside;

creamy custard.



This fruit is full of good fats, vitamin A and fiber.  It can produce heat in the body, so don’t eat TO much in the summer.
I live for this fruit.  I love this fruit.  It is the king of fruits, and king of my heart.

Until next time fruit fans.


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