My dealers.

Hey-o guys!

I hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly.  I only had to work the morning, which is always a good thing.

Today I will show you where I get all my fruit from.  I am very lucky to live in a produce rich city.  I have known the pain of Alberta winters where good fruit is scarce, so I am thankful for my current residing every day.

I pretty much exclusively shop at little markets.  Not grocery stores.  And this is only because the prices and quality are almost always superior.  I only go to real grocery stores for durian!

Here is where I went today.

I really am part of the public

The public market at Granville Island.  It is the best!  What I do is I go to the three kinda ‘major’ fruit stands, I peek around at what they have, what is on special, and what is in the shaddy bins.  What is a shaddy bin you ask?  It is a place where fruit merchants put their slightly over ripe(actually perfectly ready to eat, imo) and their slightly damaged goods into.  And when you take said items to the till, they charge you one dollar.  That’s right people.  A dollar.  The fruit is perfectly tasty, it just doesn’t look its best.  That’s all!

Here is one of the stands

sneaky sneaker photo one

And this is my favorite one.  They know me so well, and snaffoo me into buying their one dollar stuff every time.  But they know us and they give is the best deals.

sneaky sneaker photo number second

Guarantee I will hit up this orange box every week.

Remember, no photos

This is the holy grail of shaddies.  It is the shady mango box.  HECK YES.

Don't take photos of the fruit. Also, nom nom nom

Here is the real saddy box.  Today my shaddies included zucchini, bell peppers, some mango and guava.

I was a good girl and didn't take any fruit photos. They really don't like it when you do. Good thing I'm so good.

So here is what I ended up with today.  40 oranges, 17 mangos, a bag of guavas, 5 zucchini and 4 bell peppers

The bootch wanted in the photo too

The cost of all of this amazing loot? $16 monies.  And also my back, since I had to carry it all home.

So those are my dealers, and how I deal, with them.

Go to your farmers markets.  It supports local agriculture, local business and economy, it taste better, looks better and is way cheaper.  Really, you will not be sad you did.


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