Sundays are for sisters

My baby sister is my best buddy.  We know everything about each other.  We know how the other thinks, and we definitely have sister telepathy.

We live together, but often it feels like we don’t see each other that much.  We have different work and waking schedules.  She is a night owl and works late, I get up early for work and sometimes I am asleep before she comes home.  Yesterday was a rare day where we got to just be together.  It was awesome!

First things first.  I got up and went here;

Heck Yes

To do some of this;


And it was glorious.  Then I hit up a different market for melons.

I only want all of it

Next was some photo fun with the baby sister.

She loves my french melon

I adore my orange fleshed honeydew

After that, it was decided that it was adventure time.  We had a certain treasure in mind.  And with that we set out.

We began with some walking

I creeped more than walked, but still.

Baby sister adorabled more than walked, but still

Then we trained ourselves

I could not believe the train.

A bus happened too

Us on a bus. It not really A bus though, it was the 9 bus

No less than one hour later, we arrived at our secret destination and got our secret loot.

We replenished our energy stores with talking and some of this right here;

S Bizzle Wizzle

I dare you not to come back tomorrow to read about the special thing that we sacrificed a whole day to retrieve…  I’ll give you a hint.  Its fruit.


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