I scream, you scream

And now we are all screaming. My first-born child is a Champion;

Can you hear the crowds? Because they are going wild

This little gem was my first big purchase as a raw foodie.  I got him with about a 3% interest in juice.  What I really wanted?   To turn some of these guys;

Burr, we are fricken cold up in huuuurr

Into this;


Yep!  Banana ice cram was pretty much the sole reason I departed with a pretty penny for  my little champion.   And it has been a worth while investment ~  I have had champ for the better part of five years.  In the winter time when fresh fruit is…not that good, I live on ice cream.  But how does it work?  I will show you! You take a bowl and place it under to pulp shoot of your champ.  Have the blank slate set in, not the juice slide.  Then you take your frozen goods

I am pineapple, and I am goods.

Turn on your machine, put your frozen goods  into the top, use the plunger to push  them down into the spinning apparatus of fruit fatality, and watch magic ensue.

I am magic, and I am ensuing

So you see, there are countless ice cream possibilities.  I like melon

Add some banana into your melon ice cream for a smoother texture.

And of course, MANGO!  This is serious stuff I tell you.


Other combos I have eaten and glutted over are banana-strawberry, cantaloupe – raspberry, cantaloupe – raspberry and mango strawberry.

Male Model Material

I know you can’t believe the goodness.

And that is due to the fact that it is unbelievable.

So if you have never made fruit ice cream before, or if you’ve only had banana, I hope I have added a little spark of inspiration to try something new and or different.

Don’t have a Champion child?  You can get the same effect in a blender or a food processor, you may just have to add some orange juice to get things going.

Major props to my baby sister for her ice cream photo skills.  They have been heavily pimped in the making of this post.

Until next time fruities!


3 thoughts on “I scream, you scream

  1. Oooo, the Champion juicer soooo rocks to make banana ice cream, that’s how I first discovered how to make it… that and I find it really entertaining to watch the banana soft serve splooge out of the machine. Haha.

  2. hi! i just found your blog in the comments @ peas and thank you, and i love it! your juicers ability to make soft serve has made my juicer feel inferior. poor lil guy. i will be back to read all your posts, since you just started your blog, just like me! 🙂

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