Hey Guys, check out my melons

Happy Friday all my fruity friends~

Today was SO crazy at my work!  I worked so many departments, packaging, manufacturing, pastry and DISH PIT!!  That’s right people, I worked in the dish pit.  It was only for about forty minutes at the end of my shift, but still it is dang hard work.  I have new-found respect for all the people who wash dishes professionally.  It is overwhelming to have dishes coming at you all day, it never ends.  Could be what hell is like?

I have to go back into work tonight for a staff meeting, but first I wanted to talk to you guys about my thing on the side;

My melons are gigantic

Melons and I go way back.  From the begining days of raw, I loved melons.  Then a few years ago, I started having a melon every day.  I have had times with no melon, but now that it is summer, it is melons every day!  So this is how it goes for me;

Tip and tail

I cut off both ends.  Then I cut it in half.

Melon guts are gross

I put the seeds along with some cinnamon into my Magic Bullet, and blend those seeds until they become a pudding!

Do yo thing bullet

While the seeds are being destroyed, I cut the rind off of the rest of my melon.


Then I put my pudding into a little bowl;


And I plate my melon up with the rest of my meal . I eat it with a parting knife, cutting slices from top to bottom, so that I eat the inside bottom last.  It gets sweeter as you go from the outside to the core.

All orange? Yes. All delicious? Yes

So why eat melon?  Cantaloupe is high in vitamin A, which does a million things, protecting lung health being one of them. It is also a good source of vitamin C, B6, potassium and folate!  So dig in as often as possible!

As for the seeds, they are high in fiber and help rid the body of excess toxins and phlegm, and are high in all the same nutrients as the fruits.  Huh!

So that’s my secret side relationship.  I hope you fall in love with your melons as much as I have fallen in love with my melons.

And as a side note before I go, for all of you who doubt that yoga can be a serious work out, here is a pick of me in the middle of my practice yesterday, with no heat on and the windows wide open!

Oh yes, that lip sweat is fo realz


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