The sweetest thing

Hey hey happy Thursday!

How has your day been?  Mine started off with a really gluttonous sleep in, so I am pretty happy right now.  Not to mention I woke to the sound of my little sister vacuuming, which is always a sure-fire way to put me in  a good mood (;

Lets back up though.  Yesterday was my one year with my love, and we had a lovely evening.  It started with a nice walk across the bridge into down town, where we stopped to eat at Gorilla Foods.  It is a living foods restaurant with really funky decor, and some  pretty cool things to eat!  They have salads and pizzas, burgers and sandwiches on artfully made flat breads, and of course all the juice, smoothies and desserts one could want as a raw foody.  Not so much in the way of fruit, but I was ok with it.

Here`s me with my stud muffin.

Why doesn't he model? I have no idea

He enjoyed an olive tapenade and guacamole sandwich on squash flatbread;

I relieved him of the cucumbers hiding in there.

And I had kale with salsa.  And that is my first dining out tip of the day.  If you are out, get a salad.  Most of the time healthy places make their own fresh salsa, and that is almost all fruit!  And a little greens never hurt anyone.  I think it is better to just eat something and not make a scene.  This is all about living a pretty normal life while being fruity, and there is no need to stress over a little greens on your fruit.

I ate with chopsticks!  My favorite way to eat.

I ate with Chopsticks!  That`s my fav way to eat ever.

After dinner, we walked around Gastown, which is just code for `tourist trap` then made out way to One Yoga For The People to meet with some friends and take a yoga class.  One yoga is amazing!  I love the decor of their studio, it is really modern with all hard wood and sliding doors.  The room we practiced in was heated, so we were all starting to break a sweat before class even started.  Then Reno, the instructor entered, turned on his awesome Bob Marley beats, and proceeded to kick all of our asses.  The class flowed, and Reno lead with such precision and grace.  The heat opened my body up and by the end of class I felt three inches taller.

After we gathered ourselves sufficiently, we mosied on down to Granville street so my love could scalp a ticket.  He thought our day was Monday, and was going to go to a show last night.  But he was a good boyfriend and passed.  We came home, my love had a banana shake and ginger tea.  Lets just say the heat and intensity of Reno’s class didn’t exactly combine well with the fatty raw food he had eaten merely and hour before.  Class was not as good for him as it was for me…

And I had this!!

That melon was like SUGAR

Which brings me to dining out tip number two.  Eat a big fruity meal either before or after!  That way the eating out isn’t about the food, it is about the company.  And my company was the best of all.

I love you my love.  Thank you for the awesome year.  I have been the happiest this year that I can ever remember being, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.  You are a gem and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

And thanks for reading!  I will be back tomorrow with details about my thing on the side (;


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