Wednesday Bizzle Wizzle


Yep, its Wednesday.  I hope  you have had an excellent one so far.

Mine has been pretty good so far!  I went to work and was a tank.  I moved about 13 25 pound square bags of dried fruits into round buckets.  It was NOT as easy as its sounds.  I had to mould and manipulate the very stuck together fruits so that they would conform to the shape of the buckets, not the buckets conforming to their shape.  Otherwise the lids would not seal properly.  I got it done, and was sweating like a hair netted beast.  Pride ensued.

Then it was a MARKET TIME!!  I will take pictures of it for you next time I am there, today I accidentally forgot my memory card in the compy.  Boo.  Anywho, I went to the market, got my loot and then hauled ass  fruit up the hill to the bank, and then I gave into the temptation for this;

Iced sugar-free passion tea yawwwwlllll

There is a Star Bizzle Wizzle literally every two blocks on my way home from the market, and I am weak.  But please understand it is really hot, and I had worked all day in a really hot ware house, then walked to the market then carried a million pounds of fruit UP HILL to my home.  So, I think I was justified.  It made me feel like summer is here.  Which it officially is since yesterday!!

Here is what I got at the market;

Ommm Nooommmm

All of that for TEN MONIES!!  Yes people, ten dollars.  That is because I know where to look.  Farmers Markets almost always have perfectly ripe produce at discount prices because most people are pretentious and silly to buy fruit that doesn’t look perfect unaware that this fruit is perfect and ready for eating!  And they often times have specials on things that are in season.  Those oranges were ten for two monies.  Not to shabby.

Here is our fridge;

No, we hate citrus.

My shelves are the top and part of the middle.  I also have a melon pantry;

And that is my second born child the Vitamix.

It will be replenished tomorrow.  Because melons and I have a thing.

Now it is time to fold the laundry, and get ready for my super hawt date!  It is my love and mine one year, and we going out to the other raw food restaurant and then to a yoga class tonight.  I am super stoked!

Love you all.



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