Yes, this plug is happening.

This, my bloggie friends, is Jordan, of the Klassen Variety;

(Sorry for the teeny picture.)

Last night, my lovely M, baby sister and I all met up with some friends at Cafe Du Soleil, in the sketchy East district of our fine Vancouver.  We sat and were serenaded by the original music of those on the Summer of Colour tour (you can check them out here  We were then put into a trance when Jordan took the stage for his set.  His music is true artistry.  He writes, produces and performs all his own music, which is folksy,lyrically profound and instrumentally mind blowing.  I am genuinly moved by his words and his rhythms every single time I get to hear him play.  He also has one of the biggest and softest hearts, as well as being cute to boot (am I right or am I right ladies?)  You can find him on Facebook, and you can purchase his stuff on CD  I really hope you check him out.  And thank you Jordan for the awesome night!

Ok, plug over.

Today was astoundingly typical for a Monday.  I woke up and walked to my work, where we again had very little to do.  But I adore my co-workers, which can really ease the pain of a slow as death work day.  I then rushed home so that I could make one of my favorite yoga teachers classes this evening.  Her name is Christy and she teaches at Semperviva yoga here in V-town.  She is AMAZING!  I attend her Vinyasa Power Flow classes, and she pushes us hard!  The class always flies by, and she really makes you dig deep and try new poses you never thought you could do.  If you are here, you should definatly check her out!  So I guess NOW the plugs are over.

Dinner was so good.  Melon, oranges, strawberries, mango and pasta!!

Am I redundant? Yesssssss

Red bell pepper makes red sauce.

Ok Friends!  That is all for me.  Come back tomorrow for some fruity spotlights!



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