Hello again

Last night, I left you just before heading off to yoga therapy.   I take two different classes on Thursday nights, and then have many books to read and an online binder that I am going through self-study style.   I am learning SO MUCH, and I love it.  You may be wondering what exactly yoga therapy is, and so I will tell you!   Yoga therapy is a style of yoga designed to have healing and restorative  effects on the body and the mind, much like you would expect from physiotherapy or massage therapy.  Yoga is combined with the practice of Ayurveda (the ancient healing system of India) to create a holistic therapeutic practice, designed for the individual, or small groups with similar injuries or illnesses.

In a nut shell, therapeutic yoga is not a work out, it is a gentle healing system designed to aid the body in recovery from illness or injury.  It is also very calming and soothing for the mind.  And I love it!

I came home after class to this;

Melon, strawberries, oranges and mango, yumyum

And also to;

Can you believe it?

Its zucchini noodles!!  So so good.

I ate while my baby sister boyfriend and I enjoyed an episode of House.  It was an excellent evening.

Work today was VERY SLOW.  I work in a living foods kitchen, and it is usually so busy.  I think it is just a strange moment of laps.  I walked home, and now I am off to do some yoga.  Stay tuned for my recipe for special zuccetti sauce!



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