The bat says, hello!

Hello hello.  I am here to blog!

Today started with my setting my alarm one hour late.  Boo.  Fortunatly, it was not an hour late for me, just for my boyfriend.  Alas, such is life.

I meandered my way to a yoga class, and it was amazing.  I have recently discovered a new instructor, whom is the best I have come across in a long time.  He is spiritual and passionate, but also kicks my butt into gear every class.  I sweat like a beast.

Snack time was glorious.  I had a half a melon, and two little tangerines, dipped in cinnamon.

50 cents for that half melon!!

I taught my sister how to bake vegan cinnamon buns.  She works at a coffee shop, and her co-workers didn`t believe that vegan cinnamon buns could be done.  I scoffed, and we set about showing them otherwise.  Here is what they looked like.

All drippy.

We used coconut butter and coconut milk to sub out butter and milk.  Are they healthy,  Um, no.  Are they tasty  I think my sister thinks they are.  And that is what counts.

Tonight I will be busying myself with four hours of yoga therapy training, and then a large dinner.  I will be dining on melon, mango, strawberries, oranges and zuccetti.

Wanna see I`ll show you tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “The bat says, hello!

  1. Hello. I found your blog on 30 bananas a day…and it’s great! Do you have a recipe for the cinnamon roll recipe, I would love to make for my husband!

    • Hello Kim and thank you! I do not really have a recipe per-say, I generally cook by feel. I can try to scrounge something up for you and send it by e-mail. Would that work?

  2. do you space out your fruit meal and your savory meal? if so, how much time in-between? how do you find your digestion after this combination? i have had digestive problems forever too so i was wondering how this combines for you esp. eating melon with all this!

  3. I usually don’t eat a savory meal! Most days I just do lots and lots of fruit. I also have pretty poor digestion, and when I do combine my sweet and savory it is not so good. It is for sure better to space out your sweet and savory! Hope this helps ❤

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